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  • Linda Glick

Taking Pleasure In Our Work

There is an incredible freedom in knowing what you love to do and the reason why you love it. I never want to forget how much I love being a performer and a teacher. Because of this, and to always keep things fresh and new, I continue to hone my skills with the best teachers (Tim Phillips, Larry Moss, Andrew Byrne) in order to offer and produce the very best that I have to give.

Linda Glick Voice Teacher

As performers and teachers, what we do is skill based: demanding, satisfying, ongoing. The costs are always sky high if we are seeking excellence, and frankly, it’s the most fun thing to always bring curiosity and readiness to every new role, song, character, project, feeling grounded by our foundation that constitutes a delicate balance. That foundation is the pleasure that we find in our work on a regular basis. We must never forget that we love the work; the tools, craft, the joy of discovery and creation that supports confidence in our abilities.

There is nothing more attractive than someone who knows why they are in the room, what they ‘want’ and what they can do to accomplish their goals for the work. When I am coaching, I clarify and focus awareness by providing the tools specific for the person in front of me.

I encourage everyone I work with to treat our work with pleasure. I believe that the pleasure found in learning needs to be embedded in the way we work so that we lean in the direction of what needs improvement rather than fighting against it. As a result, we can make great gains in a short amount of time and increase potential and ability.

I remind myself of this constantly. I live it, love it and with over 25 years of teaching experience, I know that working from a place of joy and wonder reminds us of the pleasure we need to find in our work.


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